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Mas Import & Export hardware stores are stocked with all the essential building supplies and hardware needed to build or renovate from foundation to roof. Our stores also stock all the necessary finishing items needed to add final touches to customer’s building projects.


We carry a comprehensive range of hand tools for all your woodwork, plumbing, electrical, painting.


Whether you need hardware, tools or accessories, we have just what you need in our general hardware.


We have a large variety of building tools, eg. Builders line, trowels, floats, paint brushes etc… all to suite your requirements


From the Kitchen to Toilet, if its liquid, we have the parts and spars to make a leak proof structure



We are stokers of your basic plumbing equipment. Our range includes, taps, mixers, sanitary ware, bathroom/kitchen accessories, etc…


We cater for all your gardening requirements, garden tools, and accessories.


Safety is such an important issue. We’re here to ensure you have door locks through to barrel bolts to your everyday pad locks.


Mas Import & Export  play a pivotal role in providing the essential materials required for the electrification of large scale industrial and parastatal projects. 



Our domestic range consists of brooms, mops, gas stoves, rat cage/traps, washing line etc…


We stock both industrial and domestic products.


For all your basic kitchen needs, we stock pots, knife sets, urns, glasses etc…

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I feel you all offer more personal contact with your independent contractors, so it’s doubly pleasing to be recognized by you.” 
David White

“What a pleasant surprise to receive the note (and check!) telling me I’ve won the ‘Good Shopper Award.’ I really appreciate the recognition. Your company is so great to work with.” John Doe

“Your website is easy to use, and it is a simple matter for me to schedule shops. Your forms ask for a reasonable amount of information, and you refrain from picayune nit-picking in your review and editing. I rather enjoy working for your company.” 
Jane Smith

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COntact Us: +27 11  754  1102

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